Top 10 Industrial Table Legs 2020 Reviews

The industrial style for furniture has taken over these past few years. The look is both a throwback and modern with hints of rustic elements to bring together a soft room. Industrial style legs for tables and benches are a great place to start if you want to go for this look in your house, shop or business. Table legs should be strong sturdy and most of all stylish. Industrial steel decor is a great way to tie together our dream home or just start a fun DIY project.

10. GeilSpace 28″ Industrial Pipe Table Legs

GeilSpace 28

The 28-inch industrial pipe table legs from GeilSpace is suitable to hold up whatever decor project you can think of. The stylish and eye-appealing table legs are also fully functional. Each package comes with 4 individual 1 inch by 28-inch pipe legs with threaded ends, 8 flanges, and 32 screws. These fill a wide variety of functionality and decor options. The full steel construction ensures each leg holds up to 200 pounds and is painted black. The GeilSpace industrial leg package comes in 1 inch and 3/4 inch to fit whatever look you’re going for.


  • 4 Legs
  • 1 inch or 3/4 inch
  • 200 pounds per leg
  • Black

9. MBQQ Furniture Legs

MBQQ Furniture Legs

If you have old wood planks with no purpose just taking up space make use of them with MBQQ’s nifty furniture legs. Thee square bracket-style legs are great for bench’s and small deck seats. They are 17.7 inch wide and 15.7 inches high painted full black. Each leg has an outstanding weight capacity of about 800 pounds making these legs great for home decor or more utilitarian purposes. Or make coffee tables, end tables, TV stands and so much more with these legs.


  • 2 Square bracket legs
  • 800 pounds per leg
  • Multi-purpose
  • Black

8. Nisorpa Metal Trapezoid Style Table Legs

Nisorpa Metal Trapezoid Style Table Legs

These solid steel trapezoid style table legs bring on an industrial look yet keep a sleek and finished appearance. Made from high-quality steel these legs can hold 1000 pounds each! The fashionable and function look will tie together that rustic look you’re going for. At 28.4 inches high and 25.6 inches wide these table legs would do well as a hardwood top coffee table.


  • 2 trapezoid legs
  • Solid steel construction
  • 1000 pounds per leg
  • Black
  • Warranty

7. Weven Industrial Modern Square Legs

Weven Industrial Modern Square Legs

Weven makes the perfect square industrial table legs for your next project. Make use of old hardwood laying around and add a rustic piece of functional rustic decor. Each leg is capable of supporting 800 pounds perfect for home use. The quick and easy install only requires provided screws and your choice of bench material.


  • 2 Square legs
  • 800 pounds each
  • Black

6. MBQQ Furniture Square Legs

MBQQ Furniture Square Legs

Another great piece of decor from MBQQ are square style industrial table legs. These would work great as a DIY project for coffee tables, end tables, TV stands and cocktail tables the limit is your imagination. Each leg has a sturdy 800-pound weight capacity ensuring a safe and sturdy bench or table for your home. Each leg is 17.5 inches wide and 15.7 inches high making these legs perfect for low style tables or benches.


  • 2 Square legs
  • 800 pounds each
  • Black

5. OFM Core Collection Modern 48″ Metal O-Frame Computer Desk

OFM Core Collection Modern 48

This O style frame desk brings a unique and rustic look into any room serving mainly as a computer desk. This small design make sit perfect as an office desk or computer desk. These come in two colors: knotty oak and grey teak. These desk are 48 inches high made of tough and thick metal tubing. The 1 3/4 inch particle wood top is sure to compliment your decor. Make this O style frame desk apart of your home office or just a fun computer desk


  • Full table set
  • Grey Teak, Knotty Oak
  • Particle wood top
  • 48 inches high

4. MBQQ Furniture Legs T Style Table Legs

MBQQ Furniture Legs T Style Table Legs

Another great product from MBQQ these T style table legs are sure to fit into your floor plan and bring the room together. Add on tough oak planks for a long-lasting, functional and beautiful bench or table. They are 17.7 inches wide and 28 inches tall. The T shape is unique and strong as it is made from tough powder-coated steel. Each leg holds around 800 pounds so no need to second guess the strength when guests sit on your awesome creation.


  • 2 T style legs
  • 800 pounds each
  • Black
  • Unique shape and style

3. Rustic 30 Inch Industrial Pipe Decor Table Legs

Rustic 30 Inch Industrial Pipe Decor Table Legs

These 30-inch rustic pipe legs are a unique an awesome addition to your industrial look. Tie together your room with Rustic’s pipe legs which offer both strong and eye-catching looks. Make a computer desk, coffee table, end table and so much more. Each package comes with 4 30 inch rustic pipe legs 8 1 inch flanges and 16 screws. Pipe style legs are a awesome and unique way to bring in a rustic look to your home.


  • 4 pipe legs
  • Hardware included
  • Limited warranty
  • 1-inch diameter

2. InteresThing 34 Inch Hairpin Legs

InteresThing 34 Inch Hairpin Legs

Going for a more refined rustic look? These hairpin style legs are perfect encompassing a more polished look but still holding onto that industrial look. The eye-opening design is a great way to express yourself through your home design. The 34-inch legs come painted and with pre-drilled holes with all the required hardware. These hairpin style legs are perfect for your next DIY project where you want just a different look from the usual square industrial styles.


  • 4 hairpin style legs
  • 34 inches tall
  • ll hardware included
  • Pre-drilled
  • Warranty

1. Welland Trapezoid Metal Table Legs

Welland Trapezoid Metal Table Legs

At number one is from Welland with these exceptional trapezoid style table legs. Strong and study spring steel these are capable of supporting 300 pounds each. These smaller stout legs make for a great bench seat or work bench seat. Each order comes with rubber pads to prevent sliding and to not damage your floors. The 16-inch height and 11-inch width make for awesome a look that all your guests will appreciate. Black Pre-drilled and ready fro your next DIY project!


  • 2 trapezoid style legs
  • 300 pounds each
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • pre-drilled holes
  • Hardware included

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