Top 8 Drawing Gel Pens 2020 Reviews

Is drawing part of your favorite hobbies? Or, do you have kids who are into drawing? Thus, what is your go-to drawing tools? If you only use regular colored pencils, maybe it is now the time for you to add a more lively effect to your drawing with gel pens. Gel pens come in extraordinary colors and provide a fabulous finish to your artworks. They will nevertheless provide you with a smooth and fluid drawing experience. With gel pens, you can attain precise thin lines which is a difficult task when using an ordinary colored pencil. But choosing a good set of gel pens is never an easy task. Thus, we have compiled a list of the 8 best drawing gel pens for you.

Buying Guides Of Drawing Gel Pens

Colour Variety: Since most gel pens come in a set of various colors, you might need to decide which variety you want. Among our suggestions, some come in a set of more than 100 gel pens while some are much less than that. You do not always have to aim for the set with most gel pens. This largely depends on your drawing need, and the more color it has, the higher the price as well.

Health Effects: Since not all gel pens are free from toxic materials, you have to be careful when choosing one. This is extremely important if you are buying one for your kids. It is good to look for gel pens with zero adverse health effects. And, if you or especially your kids need to use them on the skin, be sure to look for the skin-friendly one.

8. Castle Art Supplies 100 Gel Pen Set with Case

Castle Art Supplies 100 Gel Pen Set with Case

First, onto the list, this is the best art pens and markers set from Castle Art Supplies Store. The set here consists of 100 gel pens, all in vibrant and shimmering shades for you to select from. There are also additional gel pens with special effects like neon, swirl, glitter, pastel, and metallics. With this 100-piece set, you will get to enjoy the utmost smooth and fluid drawing experience. You will never be disappointed by the outcome of these astonishing gel pens. These gel pens are also versatile and very much fast drying. And, since every gel pen is totally acid-free and non-toxic, you never have to worry about any adverse health effects for yourselves and your loved ones.


  • 100 Gel Pen Pieces
  • Versatile and Fast-Drying
  • Acid-Free and Non-Toxic Pens

7. 96 Color Artist Gel Pen Set Daskid

96 Color Artist Gel Pen Set Daskid

There is the 96-piece gel pen set from Daskid. Within this set, you will get 48 high-quality ink colored gel pens, 12 metallic gel pens, 24 glitter gel pens, 6 neon gel pens, and 6 pastel gel pens. Additionally, there are 48 matching color refills from DasKid for you. You will indeed love the filling of gripping these gel pens as each of them is fitted with a color-coded grip at comfort. You will also love to carry them around as they are very much comfortable to organize and store. This is thanks to the free travel case from DasKid. And, to ensure that you get a precise and smooth color application, DasKid created these gel pens with a ballpoint tip at 0.8mm – 1.0mm.


  • 96 Gel Pen Pieces
  • Free 48 Matching Colour Refill and Traveling Case
  • Precise and Smooth Colour Application

6. Smart Color Art 140 Colors Gel Pens Set

Smart Color Art 140 Colors Gel Pens Set

It is another color gel pen set, but this time it comes in 140 different colors. You will immediately fall in love with the professional quality of these best pens for sketching and drawing sets. It is totally toxic-free, acid-free, and lead-free. Every single material is environmental and health-friendly. Every gel pen contains a hard tip (0.8mm) and superior ink so that you can use them smoothly and durably. Not to mention that you can also replace the refill of the gel pens. Since this pen gel set comes in a variety of colors, it can serve various usages such as scrapbooking, journal, coloring, nail art, sketching, drawing, painting, and more. Besides, since it comes in a classic packaging, you will not regret gifting this to someone.


  • 140 Gel Pen Pieces
  • Toxic-Free, Acid-Free, and Lead-Free Material
  • Replaceable Refill

5. ParKoo Retractable Erasable Gel Pens Clicker

ParKoo Retractable Erasable Gel Pens Clicker

It is the erasable and retractable gel pens from Parkoo. These gel pens only come in a set of 10, but you’ll absolutely love its features. You write these pens like gel pens but erase them simply like a pencil. You can use these gel pens to write, then remove, and rewrite again at ease without having to damage your documents. You will leave zero errors on your piece of writing. This is owing to the latest thermosensitive ink that can disappear with the friction of the rubber tail tip attached to the pen. There will be no residue or accidental tearing of paper. The materials of these gel pens are also non-toxic, acid-free, and bleeding-free. You will love to use these erasable gel pens to solve crossword puzzles and Sudoku. Your work will nevertheless be clean and neat.


  • Erasable Gel Pens
  • Non-Toxic, Acid-Free, Bleeding-Free Materials
  • Keeping Your Work Clean and Neat

4. Feela 360 Colors Gel Pens Set from Feela

Feela 360 Colors Gel Pens Set from Feela

Down to the middle of the list, a massive 360-piece gel pen set from Feela. Among the 360, you will get 160 remarkably unique gel pens and 180 refills. Feela also put much dedication to color assortment as this set includes glitter, neon, neon glitter, pastel, metallic, swirl, and standard. The tip size of 0.6 to 1 mm will allow you to enjoy smooth and long-lasting writing. Not to mention that every gel pen is non-toxic and acid-free as well as conforming to ASTM D-Besides, the packaging of this color set is also astonishing. It comes with dual box packing that is delicate, breakage-resistant, and very much eco-friendly.


  • 360 Gel Pen Pieces (160 Gel Pens and 180 Refills)
  • Colour Assortment
  • Non-Toxic and Acid-Free Materials

3. Glitter Gel Pens for Kids, Girls, Adult Coloring from Vaola

Glitter Gel Pens for Kids, Girls, Adult Coloring from Vaola

This is a 48-piece gel pen set that has 24 gel pens and 24 refills. These gel pens are more suitable for kids and young children. And, since they are for your little one, every single gel pen is totally safe for skin and non-toxic. Your kids will absolutely love to use these beautiful glitter gel pens to create bright and rich drawings, writing, and adding ornaments to crafts. They can safely use them to create drawing on the skin without and it is totally safe. Vaola also created these gel pens with thicker ink rods so that it can contain more ink than an average gel pen. Every single part of these gel pen is made from durable materials to ensure that your little ones will enjoy these glitters for years to come. Besides, this gel pen set, in fact, comes at a really affordable price compared to the earlier mentioned product.


  • 48 Glitter Gel Pen Pieces (24 Gel Pens and 24 Refills)
  • Skin-Safe and Non-Toxic Materials
  • Long-Lasting
  • More Affordable

2. Glitter Gel Pens from Taotree

Glitter Gel Pens from Taotree

Next, the 32-piece neon glitter gel pens from Taotree. Per this set, there are 32 glitter gel pens that come in really vibrant colours. They included 18 Glitter Pens and 14 Neon-Glitter with a glitter effect to help add more charm to your artworks. You will have more fun doing your creative art design with these glitter gel pens. Taotree also created these gel pens to be longer lasting than normal gel pens, thanks to its 40% extra ink. Nevertheless, you will love holding or gripping these gel pens since every single one of them has been fitted with a comfort grip. Every single gel pen will equip you with a smooth and precise finish, thanks to its 0.7mm – 1.0mm point tip. The vibrant color inks inside each pen hardly fade, smear, or skip. Thus, your artwork will stand firmly for years to come. Not to mention that it also comes at an affordable price.


  • 32 Glitter Gel Pen Pieces (18 Glitter and 14 Neo-Glitter)
  • 40% Extra Link for Long Usage
  • Fade-Free Colour Ink
  • More Affordable

1. Gel Pens, Shuttle Art 120 Pack Gel Pen Set

 Gel Pens, Shuttle Art 120 Pack Gel Pen Set

It is the 120-piece gel pen set from Shuttle. Within this beautiful set, you will get 60 gel pens with uniquely vibrant colors and 60 refills. Among the 60 unique gel pens, 24 are glitters, 12 are metallic, 6 are pastel, 12 are neon, 2 are neon glitter, and 4 are classic. Despite that, you will still find it easy to identify each of them, thanks to the color code and color name labeled on each pen. Featuring 0.8-1mm ballpoint tips, these gel pens will equip you with a precise and smooth color application. Also, it dries relatively fast and will create no smearing or skipping effects. Besides, every single gel pen is acid-free and non-toxic. As a bonus, you will find all the gel pens adequately packaged in a portable storage case. Thus, you can easily organize and bring them anywhere. There is also a free coloring book for you to try the Faber castell technical drawing pens and enjoy your free coloring moment. Nevertheless, coming in 120 pieces and premium quality, the price of this whole set is considerably affordable.


  • 120 Gel Pen Pieces (60 Gel Pens and 60 Refills)
  • Distinguished Labels on Pens
  • Precise and Smooth Colour Application
  • Acid-Free and Non-Toxic Materials
  • Good Price


Finally, you have finished the whole list of the 8 best drawing gel pens. We are wondering which one did you pick. And, we cannot wait to help you unleash your artwork potentials with the best gel pens in town. Or be it for your loved ones, they will absolutely love it.
Have a great time shopping!

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