Top 10 Commercial Weed Eaters 2020 Reviews

Weed eaters are one of the most versatile lawn tools in the gardening industry, and they are the perfect solution to your maintenance needs. Weed eaters, also known as string trimmers, are meant for cutting and trimming grass. They work by using a micro-filament string that rapidly spins; eventually, the string becomes stiff enough to cut stubborn weed and grass. There are three different types of commercial weed eaters; gas trimmers, electric cordless trimmers, and a cordless weed eater. They are known for operating like a handheld lawnmower. There are many benefits to using a weed eater; they are lightweight, less harmful on the environment, they work quickly, and there are less maintenance and repairs involved.

10. Worx Cordless String Trimmer/ Edger

Worx Cordless String Trimmer/ Edger

Trim your yard then edge it up with the Worx weed eater; this product does two jobs with one tool. This product has more power, more options, and more run time. Stop making yardwork a chore and purchase this weed eater. Some key features include an auto line-feed, a 12-inch cutting diameter, and an adjustable shaft and handle. Cut sloped and hard to reach areas with the 90-degree tilting shaft. Reviews made by customers say that the Worx string trimmer works great for a simple clean up and quick lawn care. This tool is lightweight, powerful, and efficient for easy use. It is light enough that a woman could use it. It also has a well thought out design that is loved by customers who have purchased it.

9. Greenworks Corded String Trimmer

Greenworks Corded String Trimmer

Get this weed eater if you have a small yard that needs some love and care. The Greenworks corded string trimmer is best for small yards, and it has unlimited run time. There are no batteries involved and no charging; simply plug up your weed eater and go. This product delivers constant dependable power with a small amount of noise. The greatest thing about this company is that their products have a zero carbon footprint. This means that this product does not emit carbon and other harmful toxins into the air. Reviews made by customers state that the Greenworks corded trimmer gets the job done for a low price and easy effort. It is a powerful corded trimmer without the pollution or the noise. People who care about their environment love using this weed eater to tackle their lawn.

8. Greenworks cordless String Trimmer/ Edger

Greenworks cordless String Trimmer/ Edger

This Greenworks creation delivers powerful results by cutting through the toughest weeds. One charge delivers its commanding power. This trimmer is maneuverable and quieter than other weed eaters on the market. Key features include an easy start button, a Greenworks replacement spool, and a battery and charger. Customers that reviewed this product call it powerful and not as lightweight as it was advertised. It chews threw rough weeds, like a beast, in large areas. It is also great on the environment since no harmful toxins are released.

7. Black+ Decker Easy Feed String Trimmer

Black+ Decker Easy Feed String Trimmer

One of the most popular home appliance brands has a tool made to tackle your heaviest yardwork. This Black+ Decker weed eater comes with an interchangeable cordless battery that works with your lawn, garden, and home cleaning. Key features include a power drive transmission, two-speed controls, an easy feed system, and a 20V lithium power connect battery system. Reviews call this weed eater lightweight yet powerful. It is a fantastic all-around tool that makes yard work easy for everyone. It is highly recommended by people who have purchased the tool.

6. DeWalt Brushless String Trimmer

DeWalt Brushless String Trimmer

Buy DeWalt’s tool because they are guaranteed to be tough. Eliminate a majority of your maintenance with less noise and no pull cords. This is one out of 200 different products made by this company. Some key features include a brushless motor, a dual-line with bump feed, and a patented gear drive design. The battery and charger are sold separately. Reviews made by customers called this product a pleasure to use for customers. It is perfect for residential use and has speed control that saves the battery. Any customer will fall in love with this weed eater.

5. Black + Decker String Trimmer with Auto Feed

Black + Decker String Trimmer with Auto Feed

Use this commercial weed eater to on the tough weeds, grass, and overgrowth in your yard. This product comes with a 2-year limited warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Some of the key features of this amazing weed eater include an auxiliary handle, guard, and an af 100 spool. Customers that reviewed this product said that it was easy to assemble and use. It is a heavy-duty weed eater that is worth every penny you spend. Small women could even use this string trimmer because of its lightweight design.

4. Greenworks 40V Cordless String Trimmer

Greenworks 40V Cordless String Trimmer

This weed eater has an ergonomic design for superior balance. This Greenworks string trimmer is known for its rechargeable power and performance. Cut your half-acre lawn using the 40V lithium battery in 30 minutes. Key features of this model include the industry’s largest 40V battery, a dual-line with auto-feed head, and a variable speed trigger. Reviews made by customers say that using this product cut their work time in half. It does require some strength to use this weed eater, but it truly is a great product. It also has a quiet, low vibrating noise instead of a loud sound.

3. Black + Decker 40V Cordless Sweeper and String Trimmer

Black + Decker 40V Cordless Sweeper and String Trimmer

Get this combination kit today if you are a homeowner looking for the ultimate lawn tool. This Black + Decker weed eater has all the power you need without the annoying hassle. This unit is both convenient and versatile. Some key features include a high torque transmission, an automatic feed spool af, and a 40V max sweeper. Reviews on this weed eater stated that the product had plenty of power and a long-lasting battery. It also works as it is advertised, and has that amazing Black+ Decker quality that everybody loves. It is a great combo kit!

2. Worx Powershare Cordless String Trimmer

Worx Powershare Cordless String Trimmer

Get the lawn that you will adore with this trimmer and edger. Women could even manicure the lawn without messing up the manicure on their nails. Save your money with this power tool. Key features include an adjustable spacer guard, rubberized wheels, and a command feed spool system. Reviews say that this string trimmer is great for mechanically-challenged people. It is both lightweight and easy to use. It also works amazingly for a battery trimmer.

1. Black + Decker String Trimmer/ Edger Sweeper Combo

Black + Decker String Trimmer/ Edger Sweeper Combo

No bumping and no stooping with this weed eater. Trim, edge, and sweep your lawn for a groomed look that will nicely complement your home and clear debris with ease. This product is ideal for cleaning driveways, sidewalks, decks, and garages. Key features include an automatic feed spool, its lightweight design, and a 20V max lithium battery. Customers that reviewed this product stated that it was great for light yard work, and it might not be so great for heavy-duty use. This is one of the greatest quality lawn care tools on the market.

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