Top 8 Best Grass Seeds For Florida 2022 Reviews

Grass Seeds are seeds of grass that people use for their lawns. There is a certain type of grass seeds that are best for certain areas. The Best Grass Seeds For Florida to plant is during the late spring through summer. Grass seeds will help improve the lawn health and appearance through the year. It’ll thicken the grass, decrease the number of weeds shown and fill bare or dead areas. Let have a look at the Best Grass Seeds For Florida.

8. Hancock’s Centipede Grass Seed (Coated)

Hancock's Centipede Grass Seed (Coated)

The Hancock’s Centipede Grass is an easy grass to care for. It is low-maintenance, doesn’t grow tall, medium leaf texture and soft green color. The grass is adaptive in poor soils that can take sun or shade. It doesn’t need heavy fertilization. The grass was originally used for cemeteries and slowly worked into for lawns. Hancock’s grass was originally called the lazy man’s grass or the poor man’s grass. The seed is popular in the Southeastern states. The coated seed will keep moisture, and it won’t get consumed by the wildlife. The seed can come uncoated but it runs the risk of being eaten.

7. JRK 4 Fescue, Low Grow No Mow Grass Seed Mix

JRK 4 Fescue, Low Grow No Mow Grass Seed Mix

JRK 4 Fescue grass seeds are low growing and a mixture of fine bladed grass. The grass would grow around ten inches tall. This grass requires zero mowing. Each bag can cover about 2000 square feet. With the overseeding and the mix can cover any lawn. The mixed bag has a variety of grass seeds. Each seed is a slow-growing, finely narrowed blade of grass. The grass-grown can come in shades of medium green to dark green. Dealing with the mix bag grass can grow with different textures and lengths. The rye grass seeds that mixed inside are commonly used by professional’s lawns.



This grass see is fast growing. This is the type of grass that is that grown for short term fix. This is not a grass that was not meant to be long-lasting. Nice addition of this seed though is that it can be used every year. The rye seeds would grow into being wide bladed.

5. ECO-LAWN GRASS SEED BLEND Low Maintenance Lawn


In the 1990s, Wildflower Farm created the Eco-Lawn Grass Seed. The seed is a blend of hand selected and certified fescue grass seeds. These seeds come together as slow-growing and easily adaptive to drought heavy soils. It makes the grass needs of being mow, watered, fertilized less frequent. These benefits are due to how deep the grassroots goes. The grass is able to grow in sun, partial shading, and in heavy shading. Grass will sprout in a deep grassy green shade. The Eco-Lawn will cover up to 1000 square feet.

4. Dibbs Farms Pure Zoysia Grass Seeds

Dibbs Farms Pure Zoysia Grass Seeds

Dibbs Farms Hybrid Zoysia grass came from three other plants that grow yellow and white flowers. The company hand chose the parents for the traits each one shown. The company based the selections off on leaf texture, color, disease resistance, tolerance to drought soils, and keeping color during seasonal shifts. During seasonal shifts, the grass is green for warm months and less vibrant during colder months. When planting the seed the dirt has to cover the seeds lightly. Lawn owners need to plant their Zoysia’s in the late spring to early summer for every pound equaling to a 1000 square feet. Zoysias being first planted requires light watering three to every four days. This grass requires medium maintenance. The grass will grow into a dense and lushness lawn. Dibb’s grass grows very dense which helps stop weeds from growing.

3. Lesco Transition Pro Grass Seed

Lesco Transition Pro Grass Seed

This grass seed is a weed-free. The grass seeds will spread and grow up to seven to ten days. Owners would check the ground temperature to make sure grass growth. Perfect planting requirements are the ground being 60 degrees or above. With all these elements in place, the grass will grow nicely. The seed is in the Tall Fescue Seeds. Once rooted, the grass will grow in a dark green color. Lesco grass seeds are drought tolerant and good for heavy traffic areas. Lesco grass also can withstand heat, shade, and hungry insects. The grass once grown will have a fine texture and disease resistant. This grass would need medium to high maintenance from owners. Lesco’s grass seeds are perfect for the Mid-Southern Areas. The see will be a dark forest green every year.

2. Centipede Grass Seeds “Tifblair Certified” 1 LB

Centipede Grass Seeds

Patten Seed Company has developed its grass for over fifty years. From Virginia to Texas, this grass grows in any place requiring grass. Tifblair improved on the widely used seed. Tifblair version of the centipede seed can grow and spread faster than the regular seeds. It is durable during the winter seasons for certain regions of America. Fertilization is very low when planting the seed. Tifblair seeds are able to tolerant droughts. Owners would not have to do a lot mowing for this grass.

1. Marley’s Cat Grass 1 lb Organic & Non-GMO Wheat Grass

Marley's Cat Grass 1 lb Organic & Non-GMO Wheat Grass

Marley’s grass grows quickly. The company’s grass seeds are organic and come straight from the source. The grass grows decently in any soil type. Marley’s grass seed owners simply just plant and water their new seedlings. This grass is also known as cat grass. Cats generally love this grass. The company grows this grass away from other grasses to avoid cross breeding. The seeds are dry to keep them longer. Marley’s grass is also pesticide and chemical free.

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