Top 8 Best Gel Pens For Coloring 2020 Reviews

A Look at the Best Gel Pens for Coloring Craft projects put a lot of colors to use. With gel pens, you’re not stuck with just the colors of the rainbow. Gel pens are versatile; neons and metallics are used with tie-dye inks also. Some inks are safe to use on the skin. Gel pens can color your nails or write your thoughts in a notebook. Creativity is certain, but you might be wondering why gel is used instead of common ink. Gel is thicker and more opaque than standard inks, and this gives you the option of using more than a white surface to write on. No matter how dark a sheet of paper is, gel will show and reflect light. Gel is also key to creating a wider spectrum of colors. Here’s a list of the best gel pens for coloring. These kits have bright, sparkled and dark shades to choose from.

8. The Shuttle Art 120, Gel-Pen Set

The Shuttle Art 120, Gel-Pen Set

This set offers enough colors for every occasion. The one hundred and twenty pens each use caps that match the ink inside the pen. The storage box is durable and is closed shut when put away. The types of inks include glitters, neons and metallics. These colors are non-toxic and safe for children to use; they are acid free. The tips are bullet points that screw on, and each color secures with a snap-on cap. The spectrum of colors, organized by matching caps and ends, aren’t duplicated. Each shade is unique.

7. The Vaola Set of 24-Gel Pens

The Vaola Set of 24-Gel Pens

This is a good set if you need something portable. The pastel and neon colors, they mix with a blend of standard, metallic and glitter ink. Consider this kit for creating funky tattoos. Use it for detailed drawings; the colors don’t bleed, so your marks always keep a straight line.

6. The Feela 360-Value Pack

The Feela 360-Value Pack

This value pack holds 360 pens. You not only have a wide-color spectrum inside. You have a bargain price and a storage case. Swirls, neon glitters, standards and glitters are what you find in this bundle. There are pastels and metallics also, which cover gold, silver and bronze. The pens use fine points that are ideal for a smooth feel and an easy glide across most surfaces. Provided snap-on caps use a color-and-number code for every packaged shade.

5. The 360 Pack by Shuttle Art

The 360 Pack by Shuttle Art

Here’s another 360-piece set, but this one uses separate storage spaces. You have 180 refills to align with each of 180 colors. The pen heads taper to a metal tip while each pen uses a plastic body. A storage case holds each color in a compact space. This includes the refills. Consider these pens ideal for adults or children.

4. The 140 Pack from Smart Color Art

The 140 Pack from Smart Color Art

Here’s a safe set for all ages. There’s no acid or lead, and the water-base dyes eliminate the use of toxins. The writing tips are from 0.6 mm to 1.0 mm. The set holds four swirl colors, 27 neon glitters, 20 neons, 31 glitters, 20 pastels and 13 standards. The main container is durable. The gels are ideal for painting, fingernails, note paper or tattoos. The thinner the tips, the more accuracy you get, and these use a 0.8 mm size. Inside the set are refills, and each pen tip screws off and on.

3. The Reaeon 200: A Large Gel-Pen Set

The Reaeon 200: A Large Gel-Pen Set

The 200 colors here make this a variety pack to get creative with. You get 20-percent more ink in each pen, for the ink containers are larger than most brands. Inside, the pack arrives with 100 refills ready to go. The tips measure at 0.8 mm to 1.0 mm for different widths to write with. These pens use a seal so no colors bleed, and your hands don’t get inked. Reaeon uses a larger collection of dimmed colors more than it does bright neons. The kit comes as four, separate sleeves with refills inside. A solid cardboard, storage box is the outer packaging for the entire set.

2. The Tanmit, 240-Pen Set

The Tanmit, 240-Pen Set

A set of 120 refills makes up half of this kit. Children may enjoy this option as the colors are bright and electrified. The set holds 16 fluorescents, 16 pastels, six rainbows and 28 glitters. It has 11 dye colors, 20 metallics, four standards and 19 neons. The shades are suitable for sketching and coloring books. The pen tips come as three options: 0.6 mm, 0.8 mm and 1.0 mm.

1. ColorIt Gel Pens for Easy Carrying

ColorIt Gel Pens for Easy Carrying

Travel now comes easy; the ColorIt, mesh casing is light and durable. Its 48 pens store with 48 refills. These colorful options come as neon, glitter, standard and metallic gels.There are no toxins used. You not only get larger inserts for gel ink, but a soft grip, made of color-matching rubber, embraces your fingers. The pens collate through color-and-number schemes, which makes organizing easy. The removable tips screw back on once your refills are in place.

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