Top 8 Best Dog Ear Cleaners 2020 Reviews

Pet owners are directly responsible for the health and general well-being of their pets. Ear infections, yeast infections, and dirt and grime are all issues that are treatable as well as preventable through proper upkeep, cleaning, and treatment of a dog’s ears. It is important to ensure that the product going into the ears of man’s best friend are quality, and thankfully the market of dog ear cleaners is amply stocked. The best dog ear cleaners lend themselves the health and well-being of dogs and owners alike allowing dog owners peace of mind and allowing dogs to get back to doing what they do best- being dogs!

8. PetPost


PetPost is a plant-based dog ear cleaner that comes in an 8oz bottle with an easy application, mess-free nozzle and a 100% money back guarantee. Dog owners only need to soak a cotton ball or cotton swab with PetPost and run them over the affected areas. The solution removes earwax, dirt, and debris while soothing irritation in the ear canal with Aloe and Coconut Oil, and offers a gentler alternative to traditional chemical treatments and prescriptions.

7. PPP Pet Aroma Care

PPP Pet Aroma Care

These 100ct wipes from PPP Pet Aroma Care are gentle on the canine ear and meant for daily soothing, cleaning, and deodorizing use. The wipes come pre-soaked in aloe and Eucalyptus oil and are easy to use on the go for owners and dogs who are constantly playing hard and on the go.

6. Best Dog and Cat Ear Cleaning Product Company: Witch Hazel

Best Dog and Cat Ear Cleaning Product Company: Witch Hazel

This 4oz bottle contains an antifungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic solution for use on dogs and cats who are prone to frequent ear infections and inflammations. The Best Dog and Cat Ear Cleaning Product Company states that their no-fragrance, no-chemical Witch Hazel is able to replace frequent an dexpensive visits to the vet as well as antibiotics and hydrocortisone use by providing immediate respite for itchy, smelly, and infected ears. Witch Hazel treats bacterial, fungal, and yeast infections in dogs and the all-natural ingredient list does not give dog owners a reason to pause before purchase.

5. Zesty Paws

Zesty Paws

These lavender scented ear wipes are great for use on all dog breeds and all dog sizes. Zesty Paws wipes contain Aloe Vera, chamomile, coconut oil, and oatmeal and come in a package of 100 wipes. Zesty Paws are able to gently remove dirt, earwax, and other residue while providing dogs relief from itching and general discomfort of the ears. Zesty Paws makes the list as one of the best dog ear cleaners because of the rating of the product, the product’s effectiveness, as well as the thoughtful detail of the calming lavender scent for anxiety stricken dogs during the cleaning process. Zesty Paws emphasizes the need for a calm and happy dog and works hard to ensure that their product promotes those ideals.

4. My Busy Dog

My Busy Dog

My Busy Dog ear cleaner comes in an 8oz bottle with an easy application nozzle and is meant for dogs over 12 weeks old. My Busy Dog is a Massachusetts based, family run business who sources their ingredients from the United States and uses their products on their own pets. The coconut and palm based ear cleaning solution is meant to help alleviate itchy, dirty ears on dogs of all sizes suffering from a wax buildup or who frequently contract ear infections. The solution is meant to help dogs and dog owners kick the odor that is often associated with ear issues and get dog ears back to normal. My Busy Dog is so confident in their product that they use the product on their own pets and offer their customers a 100% money back guarantee.

3. Vet Recommended Dog Ear Cleaner

Vet Recommended Dog Ear Cleaner

Vet Recommended Dog Ear Cleaner uses packaging that is chemical free and not tested on animals. This eco-friendly company ensures customers that their product is able to stop dog ear inflammation as well as treat smelly, unsightly, and uncomfortable yeast infections, helping dog owners save money on extraneous visits to the vet. This ear cleaner contains Aloe Vera and is gentle and designed to be used every day to keep dogs happy, healthy, and stress free. Vet Recommended Dog Ear Cleaner comes in an 8oz bottle and the company is so confident that customers will be satisfied with their product that they offer a 100% money back guarantee.

2. Dechra Derma Pet Malacetic Otic Ear/Skin Cleaner

Dechra Derma Pet Malacetic Otic Ear/Skin Cleaner

This apple scented, antibacterial ear and skin cleaner is safe for frequent use on both dogs and cats. The product is hypoallergenic and contains 2% acetic acid which allows it to be effective against Pseudomonas and other bacteria and microbes. Dechra Derma Pet Malacetic Otic Ear/Skin Cleaner comes in a 16oz bottle and can be applied to the pet’s ear using s cotton ball or swab soaked in the product.

1. Pet MD

Pet MD

Pet MD’s alcohol-free wipes are safe for use in dogs over 12 weeks old however dog owners should take care to avoid contact with their pet’s eyes. The wipes are made using soothing agents such as Aloe Vera and Eucalyptus and come 100 to a container. Pet MD’s wipes help prevent ear infections in dogs by reducing wax buildup and removing local debris while reducing the foul odor associated with canine ear issues.

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